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TinaDirk Dog Friends

Our Goldens

Zola (born 2000) and Asali (born 2002, Asali = Swahili for honey)


Nest of Schaffeldal Goldens

Nest of Schaffeldal Golden Retrievers born in 2006

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Cadet, Mireille's fave Golden

Pictures of a BBQ in april 2007


Gentle, Erik's fave new Golden

Pictures of a summer evening in july 2007

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Goldens van 't Schaffeldal

In 1992 kochten Erik en Mireille hun eerste Golden Retriever : Quits of Gentle Dialogue, bijgenaamd Lindsey. Ze hadden toen nog geen idee dat dit zou uitdraaien op een levenslange passie voor Goldens.


Schaffeldal Goldens

In 1992 Erik and Mireille bought their first magnificent Golden Retriever : Quits of Gentle Dialogue, callsign Lindsey. At that time they had no idea that Goldens would become a lifetime passion for them.