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The Rampone & Cazzani Pictures

Pictures from our visit to the Rampone & Cazzani factory in 2006

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Adolphe Sax

Adolphe Sax (1814-1894), the Belgian instrument builder from the city of Dinant, invented the saxophone in 1840. He moves to Paris and introduces the instrument to the composer H. Berlioz. The first public saxophone performance takes place in a concert of Berlioz in 1844, where Adolphe Sax himself plays the bassaxophone in Hymne Sacré. In 1878, due to financial problems, the Sax factory is sold. In 1894 Adolphe Sax is burried in the family grave on Mont-Martre. 

My Tenor Sax

Rampone Cazzani R1 Jazz Tenor with high copper-content brass, gold plated interior and silver-plated exterior. I use a François Louis ligature. Reeds : Marca Jazz nr 3.

High in the mountains surrounding Lago d'Orta, Rampone & Cazzani build professional saxophones in a unique artisanal way. I have edited the pictures to convey a visual impression of the warm, smooth and soft, yet sometimes unexpectedly sharp and centered sound of these fantastic horns.

Emanuele Cisi, a great Italian Jazz composer and saxophone player, performs on these horns.





My Alt Sax

Selmer Alt Super Action III clear-lacquered brass. Ligature : Vandoren. Reeds : Vandoren Jazz Series nr3.

Selmer, also based in Paris, launches its first saxophone (alt) in 1921. Selmer is undoubtedly the most professional saxophone brand with a long history and tradition.