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Q1 : When I click the title of a photo gallery, nothing happens ?

Indeed, the title of the gallery is never a link. Under the title, most of the time, you will find a brief description of the contents of the photo gallery. Under this description you will always find a link Browse and sometimes you will also find a link Slide. If you would like to see the gallery with thumbnails, so that you have an overview of all photos included in the gallery or that you can easily retrieve a specific photo, choose browse. If you would like to play an automatic slideshow of the gallery, choose Slide.

Q2 : Uploading a gallery sometimes fails ?

First : in order to see the galleries you need flash. If you haven't got it, download it by clicking the appropriate link at the right.

Second : to save time and give smooth transitions, all images of the gallery are loaded from the moment you open the gallery. So you need a fast internet connection. If the download speed is insufficient, e.g. due to internet traffic congestion, the script will be aborted.

Q3 : I cannot acces Family Albums ?

Unless you are a member of my family, this is normal, since these albums are private.

Q4 : When I hit a link, sometimes the link opens in a new browser window and sometimes not ?

If the link refers to a page within our own site, it does not open in a new window, but in the same window. So by hitting back, you can easily go back to your previous page in our site. If the link refers to an external site, it will open in a new window.





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